“Neo JS City” was the most beautiful city in the world. The upper class wanted to get rid of everything dirty, so they decided to move unpleasant facilities (such as sewage treatment plants and prisons) underground.

Meanwhile, there were settlers who illegally and secretly migrated to the underground called themselves the ‘Patchers’. The jurisdictional authorities for that district were called ‘Patch Build’.

The district’s environment was harsher than expected. The devastated environment threatened the existence of the Patchers, which resulted in a split among the group. Some of them insisted that to survive, they had to venture into uncharted land. Others wanted to seek a future in the already verified land.

You must fight for survival by choosing either faction – the “Junkmol” (the conservatives) or the “Skyrattler” (the progressives).

About the patcher

You must grow and become strong

As a patcher in Neo JS City, the player must choose one of the “Junk Mall” and “Skymag” factions. Gain experience, train your skills, acquire weapons, customize and become stronger as part of the faction you choose. All weapons and skills have proficiency and become stronger as you level up.

hybrid multiplayer

Players can also battle monsters on the battlefield alone, but don’t forget that they are part of a faction.

Join forces with allies of the same faction. In a cooperative attack, you can also defeat monsters that are difficult to defeat alone to obtain items that are difficult to obtain normally. However, if you encounter players from other factions, attacking first or calling in your team may be the answer. Battle with accurate judgment and quick reflexes to create an advantageous situation from moment to moment.

Various game modes

The fight between the two factions will never end unless one is ultimately eliminated.

“Deathmatch” where you form a party and battle players from other factions.

“Conquest War” to acquire items by strategically occupying advantageous areas

“Boss Raid” where a large number of monsters that appear occasionally are hunted

Various game modes are held regularly, so be prepared for battle.

strategic action combat

From a long time ago, the patchers led the battle to an advantage by replacing the three types of weapons according to the situation: a sword, a gun, and a bow. Of course, each weapon has its own characteristics, but the player must first find a weapon with a style that suits him, equip it, and master it. When dealing with monsters on the battlefield, you can use a sword when you’re close, but if you’re not spotted by other factions from afar, it’s better to aim with a bow.

Supported platforms